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Yes, finally did it. After a long time thinking that Nokia has the power to get back to the top again, I finally decided to give it a try now it’s cheaper. I’ve picked up the yellow 920 Lumia unlocked at 319€ with shipping included, which I think is a pretty good price for a mobile phone that faces iPhone 4s/5 in terms of quality, camera, and hardware specs. Yes, it uses Windows Phone and of course this was one reason which made my decission harder. I love Windows Phone design, you can notice that in some of my designs as I use metro as inspiration for new works. Love the way it’s aesthetic, clean, smooth and neat, and the way Microsoft did knew how to give users a new user interface, and a new user experience that can’t be found on iOS or Android (which under my opinion are really stuck).

I came from a Galaxy Note which did well its job until few months ago when it started going really slow. That’s the matter with Android, once you buy one top-spec phone it works pretty fine, but once it last a year or so, and updates keep coming but you aren’t sure that next will be there, the system becomes turning really slow and the experience goes down. It’s really frustrating to need to use something on your phone and have to wait until it wants to work… it gives you the sensation that the phone is driving yourself and not the opposite (as it’s supossed to be). Never tried a Nexus and I’m sure that if someday I’m back on Android it will be either Nexus or Motorola devices which comes with up-to-date updates without having to wait tons of months until brands give them (as happened since now with Samsung). While Android gives up a pretty customized experience over iOS, the concept is at least the same with some adittions as widgets and a desktop/apps differenced menu.

Windows Phone gives that fresh UI/UX needed on market. The main point of being a not first choice phone is because of its market. It’s true that a lot of apps are not on Windows Phone and some of them aren’t being likely to be soon, but there’s a bunch of apps there, and when they’re well done, they’re awesome. Live tiles gives live to the homescreen and the ability to set up a whole start screen up has been an smart thinking. Also, same way as happens with iOS and iPhone, both device and software makes it fit. Nokia polycarbonate cover gives a touch of quality and a rough mobile phone on hand. Its 4.5′ screen is perfect as isn’t too much wide to be unable to use it one handed (as happened to me with Notes 5.4′ screen), and speakers are loudest ones I’ve listened built onto a smartphone. Finally, one thing that made me pick it up was the quality of the Carl Zeiss camera. 8.4Mpx that handles high quality photos, 1080p recording, and awesome photos over night (probably best camera on low light environments far by now). It also comes with LTE support and NFC, so what else should we ask for?

In terms of hardware is rather different than speaking of an Android device, as they need huge amounts of power to move the system smoothly. Now they’re based on 2Gb of RAM at top, while iPhone 5 still uses 1Gb of RAM, same way as Lumia 920 uses on WP8, and it doesn’t seems to need more. Everything moves smooth and the transitions are perfect, which gives the user a feedback of a well made device (not crappy as happends a lot with Android devices… even being super powered in hardware you feel sometimes that feeling of lag).

I can’t say that I’m absolutelly fine on Windows Phone and with the Lumia itself, there’s something which needs to be improved: the apps. There are a lot of apps missing like Instagram (or an official client such 6tagram which is having troubles to launch their app), my bank doesn’t support WP either (but it will in a – hopefully – soon future), and so on… there are games also but not as much as you can find over iOS or Android, as for example the famous Candy Crush has not been yet released for WP (and they don’t have at least for now intentions as I can see). Otherwise, something that also happens on WP is that the market is more similar to Android one than iOS. There are a bunch of crappy apps with horrible UI/UX and non taking proffit of the WP core, which are the live tiles and metro interface. It’s relatively easy to make an app for WP and that’s why lots of people created some, but the quality of them could be better. There are some apps like IMDB, Netflix, Spotify which their interface is even better than iOS or Android plattforms, this confirms what I said, if they take proffit of the beneffits of WP, they’re awesome in terms of experience.

I will test it better on next days and I’ll give you another further review onto Windows Phone 8. So far from now I’m happy with the purchase, and having in mind other devices in market, I think this is one of the best choices anybody could do: 32Gb of memory, NFC, LTE, 8.4Mpx awesome camera, Double LED flash, 1Gb RAM (enough to move WP8 without lagging a bit), Dual-core processor, awesome design and perfect customization options. Overall a great choice. I have to admit that Andrew Kim inspired me to pick it up after reading his review.


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