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When I work by myself and I speak with some clients I realise that lots of people just take care of how beauty is their site/app interface. Further from that, a good well designed interface doesn’t have just to be amazing visually, being smart is also necessary and could be more important that those visual aspects we care about.

Smart interfaces

When I’m building an interface, I never think about how it should look like without having made a user experience analysis. Every single work has its own requirements and the most common objective on them is to let the user be able to find what he’s looking for without becoming crazy. When I was making the Social-Buy website, I took a look at some eCommerce sites such as smile (big company which works with lots of top brands), and I found out that finding something there was really a mess for anyone, even knowing what they’re talking about.


Smile - Primer integrador europeo de soluciones open source



Lots of information everywhere, bunch of mixed modules with the same height that disturbs yourself and doesn’t let you focus on what matters, the essence of the company. When a client looks for a service, he wants to find quickly if they can do what he needs. This can be served in many ways, such as an index of services through portfolios where you can show your actual works and so, what you can do for them as examples (there’s nothing more powerful than a good example). Remember this:

“Images speak louder than words”




Right, a nice smooth design, with high quality images, well-developed can say more than a bunch of text displayed on a crowd environment. When you bring solutions that must fit clients necessities, the best way to show yourself is by focussing on what matters. Social-Buy works about eCommerce and the landing does speak about it. Three quality images shows information to the customer about what we do, emphasized with a video speaking about it. That’s a good start point. Now client knows we work in eCommerce services, and he wants to know more about us. A top menu guides the user through the important information, in this case, their philosophy and work areas.

If you take a look again at smile, they have got a bunch of categories to show which work areas they feel nice about, but there’s so many information that you may get loose searching and something can be missed. If the information missed is what the client is looking for, you lost one. If you just say the most important things about your services with a few explanation and keep it open, clients are able to contact yourself to say exactly what they want. They don’t need to know exactly each step of everything you do, with a few tips and clues you can leave the client express itself and then see if everything fits.


Servicios -



Nobody wants to lose their time while navigating a site and here is another point where a site can be smart, or turn into a labyrinth without exit. If you find this matter interesting, I’m reading the book Simple and Usable Web, Mobile, and Interaction Design. You can find it on Amazon as well as other book sources. For some of us some things may be obvious, but it includes important tips and clues when designing an interface and how human beigns think and navigate through the website. Remember also that the final user of an interface is not who makes it or even who owns it, they are your future clients.



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