Who is PGR?


More about myself

I grew up in Barcelona, and I have been always a geek. I tried computer science degree but failed, one year later I decided to study graphic design as I always liked it. After studying 4 years degree at BAU: Escola de disseny, I decided to specialize in digital design, related to UI/UX. I have been working for two years at Cink where I learned a lot. After this period I started PGRdesign as my own UI/UX studio, developing interfaces and enhancing user experience.

What’s UI/UX exactly?

It is hard to explain in few words what is UI/UX. Under new needs, a new kind of job appeared from the internet and digital devices, it’s not something new, as interfaces lasted since many years ago, but now they are at its best momentum. User interface and user experience design focusses on how and where the information should be placed regarding to target needs and performing stunning enjoyable user interfaces. It doesn’t just helps users to reach their information faster or interact in a natural way but also gives value to any interface.

I work in other fields also

At BAU I was able to study besides some of the best Spanish designers and typographers. I learned to love type, and take care of every blank space. To work on conceptual projects, and also on corporate ones. That is why I am always open to new projects. Even I am specialized on UI/UX I have performed few works on Identity, Motion, Branding and Editorial with international clients.