UI/UX for cars

Now a days cars are getting more and more tech and today the integration of touch screens and computer devices onboard is something that is getting high value in a car choice. I wanted to understand how people should use their GPS/onboard computer and so I started working a mockup of how I think it should be, simulating an Audi car driving assistant.



Main menu should remain clear and simple, so most used functions should keep big and easy to use. Scrolling with finger gives up the user an easy method to go across all options in a fast way, the quick access bar for music, for example allows the driver to quickly change the music without being distracted, being also available to control remotely from a wheel module.



When driving onboard computers should remain even easier to use interfaces than in stop mode, as driver has to focuss on what’s happening on street, and not on screen. That’s why the system keeps tracking the location, gives up interesting information and only allow the driver to switch between standby mode (screen), GPS map with route (first left-module), weather and road conditions and finally important information about speed limit.

Looking forward to continue with this experiment. More coming soon!


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